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    Comments: Immature

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    Comments: Adult male north of usual range and in unexpected habitat. Small warbler with a distinctive orange-yellow hood with thick dark bar extending from base of bill low through eye and beyond to a rounded end that did not reach the edge of the hood. Bar broader at rear. No dark color seen on crown. Plain dingy white below with no streaking on breast, belly, or flanks. Wing bars but no streaking on back that I saw in quick glimpse. Considered Blackburnian but bird lacked streaking on flanks and back. Other species lack complete hood, especially with the orange tones.

    The bird was foraging at the top of the Coma tree labeled with tag on Chacalaca Trail between two observation decks. As it moved at a steady but moderate pace - not quickly like many warblers - I could get glimpses of it between the leaves. My first view was the underneath from the breast down, showing a very plain neutral grayish body color. Then the bird moved enough that I could see the complete orangish hood with the dark thick black bar through and past the eye. I saw the entire bird in another brief look and was trying to describe its location for my husband to get on it. I had one more look at the head before it went out of view and I could not relocated it in the tree amongst the dozen or so gnatcatchers and two Orange-crowned Warblers.

    The bird was not vocalizing at the time I was watching it but I had heard a possible song earlier. I was not focusing as much on trying to identify unfamiliar songs or calls as using them to locate birds. Views from underneath were brief but good. View of upper part of bird very brief. I know this is an unexpected bird for this location and hoped that someone else could re-locate it for confirmation, especially since I was unable to get a photo.

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