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Owner Rob Bielawski

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75 deg F, mix of clouds and sun, strong southerly winds. A truly bizarre mix of birds on this list.

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    Comments: All white goose with tiny bill and black wingtips. Size differential with adjacent Snows very obvious in flight, see photographs below illustrating this. Individual was flying with group of ~100 Snow Geese heading WNW, probably towards massive ground flock on the field west of the Morris Neck and Stone Road junction.

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    Comments: Bicolored bill, greenish yellow legs, slow-moving with upright feeding posture unlike the jumpy and fast feeding movements of similar Snowy Egret (also lacking the black legs/yellow feet and all black bill of Snowy). Early, first for the year in Virginia Beach, continuing immature reported earlier today by Karl Suttmann. Adult bird seen by Andrew Baldelli even earlier in the morning was not present.

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