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Hollow Road near O'Leary Farm, Salt Point

Owner Barbara Mansell

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    Comments: I was driving home when I spotted what looked like a small paper lunch bag that someone, I thought, must have tossed out of their car onto the side of the road. Once I got closer to the "bag", it turned out to be a tiny owl, knew exactly what it was, and had to swerve to make sure I did not hit it. After turning around and returning to the spot, the owl was still there and I parked on the opposite side of the road to watch it. It turned its face towards me (flashed bright like a light) then turning its head away (dark) often. Sadly, my camera was at home. Finally, I got out of the car to urge the owl to fly to a nearby tree to get it out of harm's way. Smaller than an Eastern Screech Owl. Rounded head with no ear tuffs.