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Owner Rexanne Bruno

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chasing TUDU; address of Chartway is 5700 Cleveland St, Virginia Beach, VA 23462 - you can drive to the parking lot on back side of building where there are two gazebos on shore of pond/lake


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    Comments: diving and feeding near two male LESC near the fountain; a female darker overall than female LESC, the shape its sides was well defined and several shades lighter than its dark back, this paler side was clearly different from side of female LESSC also there; head and breast were also dark like back - could not distinguish a difference in back, head or breast color (probably due to rainy conditions), only a tiny bit of white at base of bill, bill similar in shape to that of LESC & RNDU with white band near tip and finally it had a small feather tuft at the back of its head that was clearly visible in profile; thank you Andrew & Tracy for finding this bird yesterday & to Jason for reporting that it was still present this AM

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