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70599, Stuttgart DE-Baden-Württemberg (48.7020,9.2251)

Owner Thomas Doebel

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    Comments: Continuing female Pine Bunting. Found by L. Bertalan. Got only poor photos as the wind was constantly shaking my scope, which made digiscopy were difficult. Took the best frames from ten minutes of recordings. While I was observing the bird, it stayed mostly in the back of the straw-covered field, so my documentation photos are really poor. However, it did make two brief excursions to the front of the field where I got a few excellent looks. In the scope the bird stood out from even the palest young female yellowhammers by the lack of any indication of yellow on the body and in the face. The back was grayish-brown without any indication of green. Primaries were clearly edged white. The overall grayish coloration and lack of color was so striking that the bird was relatively easy to refind after a short flight, even among 100 or so yellowhammers.

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