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From old notes. Gjon C. Hazard (w/ Barbara H.)


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    Comments: 12:23 pm. As I was walking up the trail from the mouth of the creek, I heard what I thought was a Least Flycatcher (a dryish "pwrit") calling from the clump of willows at the creek mouth. I went to investigate. I then heard what was more like a Willow Flycatcher (full-bodied "whit"). The Least did not call again. Over the next few minutes, I got glimpses of an Empidonax popping up from the center of willow clump, just getting fractions of views at a time. Sometimes it would look like a Least, others it would look like a Willow. Eventually, I saw two birds together (they chased each other around for a bit): one Willow, one Least. Sometimes the two-bird theory is validated. Ultimately, they both came out into the open and I got good views of both. I also saw it at the same time with the Magnolia Warbler that had been in the same area over a couple of days. The closest observation of the Least was at about 20 feet. Viewed under good, diffuse light (bright overcast conditions), many times with a dark background (the bird was moving constantly, foraging). Viewed with 10x42 B&L Elite binoculars. Cumulative observation time: several minutes. I am not aware that anyone else saw this bird, before or after. Description (adapted from notes taken in the field immediately after the observation). Clearly an Empidonax flycatcher. Overall, the bird was grayish-green, rather than yellowish (the Willow, by comparison, was much warmer colored). The Least had two prominent white wingbars on a blackish wing panel (indicating adult). Short primary projection. A thin, whitish, complete eye-ring. The head was roundish , only slightly peaked . The bill was short, not as thin as a Hammond's (in my experience). The lower mandible was yellowish, especially basally. The belly was whitish (very pale gray) with the chest darker. The throat was whitish.

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    Comments: 12:36 pm, female-type

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    Comments: Stake-out

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