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Owner Jack Bushong

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Scanned from road. The lake was largely frozen with an assortment of waterfowl in a patch of open water on the south end.


  1. Number observed: 3

    Comments: Potentially more - this is the lowest number recorded by both of us. All were very small geese, approaching the size of MALL but slightly larger and with small, triangular bills and short necks. Seen in direct comparison with larger CANG which have long necks and long slender bills. Photo if needed.

  2. Number observed: 200
  3. Number observed: 28
  4. Number observed: 4

    Comments: Including several immatures

  5. Number observed: 75
  6. Eurasian/American Wigeon

    Number observed: 1

    Comments: Possible female Eurasian Wigeon. Seen on the opposite side of the lake from the road among a flock of MALL, AMWI, and NOPI and directly next to a female American Wigeon for a nice comparison. What immediately struck me was the difference in head shape and coloration. Unlike the AMWI, this bird had a rather petite head that was rounded with a steep forehead, and not as angular. It also appeared to be slightly smaller than the AMWI, but this was perhaps just posture. The head was a rich reddish-brown (not as evident in the photos as it was in the field) that was similar in color to the reddish-brown sides and back, which is good for Eurasian. There was no contrast between the head and body, which American females show (gray head and brown body). The bill was blue-gray with a black tip, but the distance was too great to determine whether there was a black spot on the gape. The bird was noticeably different than the AMWI immediately next to it, but views and photos are likely insufficient, and it may have simply been an American with extensive rufous on the head.

  7. Number observed: 125
  8. Number observed: 40
  9. Number observed: 10
  10. Number observed: 4

    Comments: Two males, two females

  11. Number observed: 15
  12. duck sp.

    Number observed: 1

    Comments: Possibly a hybrid or aberrant-plumage pintail. The bird was a male and pintail like in structure save for it lacked the long, pointed tail. Brown head with white stripe on neck, but large beige-colored circle on face and grayish-brown body without white chest or black on the rear.

  13. Number observed: 2
  14. Number observed: 5
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