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Hither Hills, Hwy Split

Owner Angus Wilson

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    Comments: Driving west on Montauk Hwy (Rt 27) notice a large bird flying directly towards me about 40-50 ft off ground. Unable to see color because of the bright sun behind I wondered if it was harrier but quickly recognized the choppy wing beats as being a small heron. I was able to pull over and watched as it flew past and over me. Angle too difficult to get a photo, even though camera on front seat. All white egret/heron with black legs and black feet held stiffly out the back. Lighter flight and shallower (choppy) wing beats compared to Snowy (or Little Blue Heron). Continued eastward without deviation. I did a quick U turn and drove back beyond the spit in the highway, following the less busy Old Montauk Highway but could not refind the bird. Interestingly I have seen Cattle Egret at this exact spot once before (spring). Got tired of aggressive drivers driving at speed right up behind me, even though I not dawdling and gave up search before reaching Montauk Village. Curious to know if the bird is resighted.