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Happy Canyon @ Alisos Road

Owner Wim van Dam

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    Comments: heard only, hence no count

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    Comments: This sparrow/sparrow-like bird was in the flock of 80+ Horned Larks feeding on the recently plowed field at the SE of the Happy Canyon Rd x Alisos Rd crossing. I heard and recorded the diagnostic kiddle call as it was flying as part of this flock. It was smaller and more chunky than the Horned Larks with a short but pointy bill. Among the Horned Larks it was walking slowly through the field in a crouching manner. It never perched or hopped and was less agitated/active than the Horned Larks. It was visibly eating the seeds from the field.

    This was a light gray/beige colored bird with noticeable but delicate streaking. Most notable were: the dark brown/black-ish auricular edge and malar stripe, the light colored throat with light streaking below on the chest, the brown streaking on the back, and the dark brown stripes on its crown. I did not see any other rufous or black markings. I did not register the bill or leg color, nor the primary projection. Overall this bird looked like a pale/washed out Vesper Sparrow without the rufous coverts. I ruled out Vesper Sparrow based on the paleness of the streaking, its longspur-like behavior, and the kiddle call, which I heard several times and managed to record (see below for details on recording).

    The attached sound excerpt was recorded when the flock of Horned Larks was flying around with many of the Horned Larks making their flight call. At 2.5 seconds into the recording the kiddle call of the Chesnut-collared Longspur can be heard and seen. More recordings are available.

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    Juvenile Immature Adult Age Unknown
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  11. Number observed: 10
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