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Mark''s yard. Not very intense watching.


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    Comments: I was 14 paces or less from a hanging tube seed feeder, observing through 10x42 binoculars on a clear afternoon in a residential yard in Reno. The lawn was closely set about by conifers and some deciduous trees. I had been seeing house sparrows off and on throughout the day. For this sighting the front lighting on the birds was perfect to resolve color, pattern, and feather details. I scanned from the top of the feeder to the bottom and ticked off the birds as I went: HOSP, HOSP, HOSP, unknown but looks like a HOSP with yellow on the face and throat, HOSP, and so on.

    I went to the book and found the only bird matching the mental image I had of the bird -- dickcissel. I went back to visual sighting and confirmed what I had previously seen, remembered, and compared. Yep. Dickcissel.

    Then I compared the location maps and decided that it wasn't new or impossible that this bird would be here. After all, if it were travelling to the Pacific coast from the Midwest, it would have had to pass through an interior western state. Other confirmed sightings from California would support that supposition as well.

    The view of the bird was quite satisfying, lasting for several minutes with time to check reference books and confirm the description and visual evidence.

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