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Owner John Yerger

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    Comments: Big surprise to me here, as habitat looks marginal at best for GRSP. Two individuals observed simultaneously, apparently flushed from field by some other critter because they were perched in a dead tree and barbed wire fence, respectively when we saw them. Cool!

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    Comments: First impression naked eye was a Zonotrichia that was bulkier than immediately adjacent WCSP. Lifting Zeiss Victory TF*L 8x42 binoculars, I could see clearly a fair amount of black feathering in the front of the face surrounding a pinkish bill. Overall body coloration was brighter brown tones on back and head than WCSP, and much whiter underparts. Face pattern of HASP is very distinctive. I was concerned with getting my client to see the bird in the scope and didn't take more detailed notes, but have seen many HASP and they are typically identifiable at a glance. Didn't have time to obtain photo by phone-scoping or any other means. Located directly across from pecan grove that is located on the NM side, so this bird could easily be refound on either side of the state line (but WCSP flock was consistently associated with weedier veg on AZ side of road)

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