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82nd Street Beach

Owner Rob Bielawski

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43 deg F, mostly clear but hazy skies, calm-ish, fading light at dusk

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    Comments: Mostly white buntings showing black on wings, with tan earpatch, chest, as well as some on flanks, neck & face to varying degrees. Exact count of individuals in view at same time. Found initially earlier today by Stephen Keith. The flock flushed across the 82nd Street beach access right at the dune/beach edge by a dog walking from the north. Viewed initially in flight and figured that would be my only view, moments after running into Steve Myers on his way out. Birds returned to foraging though and were still present along the dune/beach edge between the 82nd and 81st Street accesses when I, and Tracy departed. Photographed in fading light, will post.

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