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Owner Ken Chamberlain

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  1. Number observed: 150
  2. Number observed: 100
  3. Number observed: 10
  4. Number observed: 2
  5. Number observed: 6
  6. Number observed: 2

    Comments: In blown down dune grasses.

  7. Number observed: 35

    Comments: Min. count. We had several encounters, about 5+. The flock was ranging widely up and down beach from the Gearhart access point at the south end northerly approx 6 miles. Found the flock in sky in flight, also on beach, most often in blown down dune grasses. Flighty flock was difficult to approach. Not necessarily easily spooked by people just flying often.

  8. Snow/McKay's Bunting

    Number observed: 1

    Comments: This is the lighter bird in SNBU flock that I could find. I picked out this bird at least twice from flock at two locations. At last sighting (where photographed) several adjacent observers were converging on this bird. It held for several minutes. It was discussed by the group in the field noting its relative lightness, mantle makings and color; and tail.
    Below are photos for review. To me it does not appear to be the bird photographed by Diana Byrne on 11/28. Comments and reviews welcome. I'm interested to see others photos.

  9. Number observed: 60
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