Owner Craig Hohenberger

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Cloudy; calm; 39 deg f


  1. Number observed: 550
  2. Number observed: 17
  3. Number observed: 29
  4. Number observed: 1

    Comments: A 1st cycle bird. I first observed the gull when all the birds decided to take off and fly around the landfill. I noticed its large size compared to the smaller RBGU's and the uniformity of its pale brown/gray plumage throughout the dorsal and ventral sides. When the bird landed, I could see its relatively large all dark bill, pink legs, and size ( similar to HEGU) compared to nearby RBGU's. The primary difference between Iceland Gulls, is that the primaries and greater coverts were darker and uniform with the overall pattern of the bird.

  5. Number observed: 17
  6. Number observed: 13
  7. Number observed: 750