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Owner Eric Culbertson

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  1. Rufous/Allen's Hummingbird

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    Comments: Heard this species calling (croaking) as it passed over the creek to the east of me. Unusual (but probably now somewhat regular?) in this area.

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    Comments: Estimate.

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    Comments: Below Carpinteria Ave. I was standing here: 34.3936, -119.5131 in the creek
    watching a bushtit flock pass above me along the north side of creek. If seems safe to assume this is the same bird Peter Gaede reported in this same area October 24,2018. The bird moved through the mid levels of a sycamore with a group of bushtit, and one each orange-crowned and townsend's. About the size of an orange-crowned with a short and broad taill with white'ish undertail coverts. The undertail was darker than undertail coverts but not dark. The upper tail appeared similar to wing color and contrasted with the rest of the undertail. The underparts appeared dirty white and possibly tinged green (?) but definitely contrasted with darker wings and a green back. (EDIT: I observed clearly a green wash through breast, throat and face but failed to include this description in original written description). I observed a darker face patch with defined off-white(greenish?) supercillium. The top of head was darker than throats and lighter parts of face but not studied well. The bill wasn't studied well but appeared dark and straight. There may have been some downward tail flicking as the bird foraged. Probed into curled sycamore leaves while le foraging. Rare. At this date possibly still considered a fall migrant.

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