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Mansfield, Eagleville local

Owner Chris Elphick

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    Comments: Small vireo, with relatively small, but typically blunt-tipped bill. Grey crown with white eyebrow stripe extending to just behind eye. White below eye, forming clear dark greyish eyestripe; greyish below the white in malar region. Nape and back plain greenish-grey. Wings grey with pale off-white edges to greater secondary covers, and narrow greenish edges to primaries. Lower back and tail grey, perhaps with greenish cast. Underparts mostly dull, yellowish-white, with brighter lemony-yellow throat and upper chest. Bill dark blackish-grey, legs bluish-grey.

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    Comments: Small warbler, a little slighter with a finer more pointed bill than yellow-rumped or blackpoll. Drab greenish-grey plumage, pretty dull overall, but indistinct greenish-yellow rump, white tail spots (quite small, towards corners of tail but not at tips of feathers), dull faint wing bars, and fine streaks on breast and flanks, noticeable.

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