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Owner Wesley Hochachka

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    Comments: This bird was a known vagrant that had already been at this location for over a week. This is the same individual reported on other eBird checklists (e.g., Going off my memory of the day, it took me about 10 or 15 minutes to find the bird, foraging alone in the gravelly intertidal zone (with the tide largely out), where I only tried to approach to within 20 or 30 m. From this distance (with a scope --- an old Bushnell --- at up to 45X magnification), I could see a mid-sized sandpiper that habitually teeter-tottered like a Spotted Sandpiper, and appeared to be about the same size (maybe bigger). The bird's longish (proportionally longer than Spotted Sandpiper) bill was clearly upturned. I do not remember anything about the bird's plumage, other than recalling that it was very drab and monotone, with few or no streaks or spots on its plumage. My only notes about the bird were "breeding plumage".