Owner Joan Lentz

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I was walking back from my regular survey, and as I went by the dam, I stopped, as I always do, to see if I can locate any bitterns or anything interesting in the reeds. I saw this pale blob sitting in the reeds, scrambled down the bank so I could get closer to the water's edge, and then determined through binoculars that it was the Least Bittern just sitting there sunning itself. I have a blurry photo. I didn't make a complete list from this location, as I was in a hurry.


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    Comments: Bird located in southwest arm of lake, on north side in reeds if looking from dam & facing mountains. It saw It has been at least 10 years since I've seen a Least Bittern in the county, so I was overjoyed to be able to spot this individual. The bird sat very still as though sunning itself, while holding onto a reed. The small size, dark cap, and the buffy color to the body all were diagnostic. I could see the dark wing tips, but the bird's neck was coiled and not extended. I watched as it very slowly crept down through the reeds to the water's edge, where it became invisible again and disappeared into the reeds.

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