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Owner Taylor Sturm

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second half with Doug F. windy and light drizzle; initially visibility not too bad, but getting progressively worse. almost an overwhelming amount of gulls streaming west to east- some relatively close and some in the fog. unfortunately, I assumed conditions would mimic the morning's (very slow) and so I brought no notebook and no clicker, so all my gull numbers are estimates, though conceived in the field and not some random number I made up at home.


  1. Number observed: 3
  2. Number observed: 32
  3. duck sp.

    Number observed: 30

    Comments: distant

  4. Number observed: 2
  5. Number observed: 1
  6. Number observed: 3
  7. Number observed: 5
  8. Number observed: 4

    Comments: w to e

  9. Number observed: 180

    Comments: this number is a bit of a guess. flocks of 30-50 were seen, and there were singles to groups of 5 going past often enough. I think "around two-hundred" is a pretty good guess. It was good to see a lot of them moving west to east, almost all adults (small buoyant gulls with obvious white leading edge to wing), maybe 2 immatures.

  10. Number observed: 275

    Comments: constant procession w to e.

  11. Number observed: 30
  12. Number observed: 185
  13. Number observed: 4
  14. Number observed: 35
  15. gull sp.

    Number observed: 500

    Comments: poor viewing conditions, especially as it got later.

  16. Number observed: 1

    Comments: *late. small tern (which I kept losing in the huge waves) but when it gained a bit of altitude and came a bit closer, I could see it's small size, short tail, dark wings and upper parts, with lighter underparts. it had a considerable amount of black on the face/head which makes me believe it was an immature bird, although I didn't really see it long enough to assess that properly.

  17. Number observed: 5
  18. Number observed: 2
  19. Number observed: 1
  20. Number observed: 2