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Pelagic. Island Packers. Leg 8. 33.47709 -118.99485. Bearing NNE

Owner Naresh Satyan

eBird Pelagic Protocol
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Eleven-hour pelagic trip with Island Packers from the Ventura Harbor on the Island Explorer. Joel Barrett was the captain. The intent for today was to visit Anacapa and Santa Barbara Islands and the waters around and between them. The weather forecast was threatening for areas to the west so we decided to stay more to the inside and not get into areas of high seas and winds. Our route is shown on the map embedded below. We started Leg 8 east of Santa Barbara Island where there was a temperature break on the charts. We did find a large feeding flock here that had a bird that got away from us that may have been a Red-footed Booby. while we were trying to locate that, a Nazca Booby flew in and was feeding with the flock. A comparison of photos from prior visits to the Island in August and September appear to indicate that this is the same individual seen here previously. The weather was sunny and breezy with winds from the west northwest. The dominant wave period was 5-6 feet at 13 seconds and the water temp jumped up to 69F. Leaders were David Pereksta, Hugh Ranson, Adam Searcy, and Wes Fritz.

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  1. Number observed: 3
  2. Number observed: 1
  3. Number observed: 2
  4. Number observed: 25
  5. Number observed: 13
  6. Common/Arctic Tern

    Number observed: 1

    Comments: (Probably a common tern, but there was discussion on the boat)

  7. Number observed: 20
  8. Number observed: 10
  9. Number observed: 1
  10. Number observed: 1200

    Comments: Surprised to see so many out here within a few miles of the island.

  11. Number observed: 1

    Comments: Large black and white booby. Body and upperwing and underwing coverts were white while the the flight feathers and tail were blackish. The bill was orangish, the eyes were yellow and the facial skin at the base of the bill were blackish. The feet were dark gray.

  12. Number observed: 13
  13. Number observed: 1
  14. Number observed: 20
Additional species seen by Alison Sheehey:
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Additional species seen by Amy Worell:
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