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    Comments: I saw all these birds from San Miguelito Road a short way north of the intersection with Sudden Road, around (34.576198, -120.515552). At 8:27 a.m a flock of 17 approached from the north, flew by a few hundred yards west of me an estimated 1000 feet above my elevation, and continued south toward the ocean. Later, around 8:45, two more birds that looked similar followed a similar path (I did not get usable photos of this pair). At 8:57 another pair flew over on a similar path. Photos of individuals from the first and last group are below. At the time I thought they were mergansers. But looking at the photos and checking occurrence dates I'm now leaning toward Common Loon. (Later: And now I've changed the ID to that species, based on expert input that these photos show that species, and that they're the only loon species this expert is familiar with seeing migrating over land.)

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    Comments: At 10:01 I saw the bird approach from the south end of Sudden Road. It approached from the south, passed me to the west, and departed to the north, flying low over the landscape. At 10:14 a.m. I saw what I assume was the same bird flying north of me from the area of the intersection of Sudden Road and San Miguelito Road. Update: I originally assumed the various Golden Eagle sightings I had throughout the day (recorded on this list, my later list for "San Miguelito Road end at Vandenberg gate", and my subsequent list for "Jalama Road") were all the same individual. After getting input from sbcobirding participants and re-examining the photos, I now think there actually were three birds. This bird has less white visible in its flight feathers than either of the other two lists' eagles, so presumably is an older bird. Those two younger birds from the other lists have differences I discuss in those lists.

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    Comments: One immature bird seen perched on telephone poles along Sudden Road, hunting beetles (it looked like) along the hillside west of the road, throughout the morning. Other birds, including several adults, seen in flight throughout the area.

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    Comments: Seen actively hunting in the open grassland north of Sudden Road and San Miguelito Road throughout the day, both during this list and later, around 3 p.m., when I was leaving the area.

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    Comments: I observed this bird from San Miguelito Road near (34.576198, -120.515552). The bird was perched on a telephone pole when I saw it; after a few minutes it was harassed by an American Kestrel and flew north, flying low over the landscape. I did not see it again.

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  16. Cassin's/Western Kingbird

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  22. swallow sp.

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    Comments: One doing a really good impression of a Sora’s descending whinny.

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    Comments: After consulting with helpful folks on the sbcobirding list I’ve switched this from “sparrow sp.” Two individuals seen, though only one with identifiable photographs. The first bird was seen east of Sudden Road just south of the intersection with San Miguelito Road around 8:00 a.m. I believe it looked similar to the second bird: Gray-brown overall, pale center of auriculars framed by dark, white eye ring. Believe I saw white outer tail feathers when it flew. The second bird was seen at 8:36 a.m. just west of San Miguelito Road about 200 feet northeast of the intersection with Sudden Road.

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