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Chatfield, Littleton US-CO (39.5478,-105.0819)

Owner Michael Lester

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    Comments: Relatively large phalarope with thick neck and bill (particularly toward base of bill). Pale gray back with mostly black primaries. Wide Black mark through eye. Mostly white throat and face, but with reddish hue. Underwings appeared almost entirely white in flight, though viewing angle not the greatest.

  9. Number observed: 1

    Comments: Appeared relatively petite and small-headed compared to Parasitic Jaeger, which is relatively chunkier. Relatively thin, short bill. Photo appears to show minimal white on upperside of wing, though photo quality is poor. Strongly barred black-and-white undertail coverts and black and white underwing coverts also support LTJA vs PAJA. This may be the continuing intermediate LTJA, but seems to be darker than that bird based on photos (but, again, poor quality). If this is a PAJA, then it is almost certainly a different individual from the bird last reported 8/16/18. This bird appears to be a different individual from the Parasitic Jaeger Glen Walbek photographed on the same day, primarily based on the pattern of white on the underwing.

    video: --Note: I have better frame-by-frame control on my phone/computer compared to Flickr. I can therefore provide additional screenshots if something in particular is requested.

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    Comments: Single flock. Moved through twice in opposite directions.

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