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Finley Creek Farm Bird Refuge "Private"

Owner Greg Samuel

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  1. Number observed: 6
  2. Number observed: 4
  3. Number observed: 15
  4. Number observed: 40
  5. Number observed: 3
  6. Number observed: 3
  7. Number observed: 2
  8. Number observed: 6
  9. Number observed: 4120

    Comments: First a summary of how I estimated these numbers. The kettles of 300 or less where pretty much counted 1x1. The 1200 plus kettle was estimated when a group broke off and was able to count roughly 250 in that kettle then was able to take that kettle and visual see how big it is and compare the kettle that was now fragmented into roughly 5 other groups. The largest kettle was estimated at 1200. Multiple (4-5)kettles numbering 150-300. At least one kettle of 800-1000. At least three kettles of 500 plus. The smaller kettles where in the 15-20 bird range and there where 26 of them. Most of these large estimated numbers I would take groups of 20 then estimate how many groups of 20 could be in the whirling mass of birds. Final number is on the low side my true feelings I had over 5000 birds in my sights today.

  10. Number observed: 1

    Comments: Single bird flying on its own, long slander pointed slightly v shaped in flight dark trailing edge of wings

  11. Number observed: 8
  12. Number observed: 13
  13. Number observed: 1