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Owner Ted Hindmarch

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Scoping gravel bar and checking offshore species. Stand gulls etc not reported.

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    Comments: On gravel bar with BBPL. Reviewed carefully via scope. Golden upper plummage. Smaller size then BBPL. Longer primaries extended past end of tail eliminating PGPL.

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    Comments: Coastal migrant. On gravel bar with BBPLs. Good views through scopes. Medium sized shorebird with stout appearance. Smaller and slighter than Black Bellied and American Golden Plovers that it was associated with. Surprised to find still retaining unmistakable breeding plumage which made it stand out although it frequently disappeared behind debris on the island gravel bar; cinnamon underparts, throat and facial areas. Sturdy moderate length black bill, tapering from broad to dully pointed. Familiar with species from migration sightings in Alberta. Unfortunately no photo's were obtained.

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