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Owner Byron Butler

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    Comments: Many, I did not count them.

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    Comments: Found by Andrew Guttenberg earlier in the day. One individual resting on water, I did not see it fly. Adult plumage: bill appeared yellowish-green to my eye in low light (sunset was at 7:41 pm today), but yellow in over-exposed photos as expected in this plumage, Upper mandible (maxilla): culmen downward curved distally. Lower mandible: gonydeal expansion not obvious at the distance I was viewing (~100 yds), otherwise appeared to be straight. Head rounded. Head, neck and upper breast all clean white (all that could be seen above water). Eye dark, red eyering not discerned with optics but can be seen in photos. Mantle medium-gray,wingtips black. Vent and undertail white. Legs not seen. Apparent 7th record for Montana, and is an early fall-winter arrival. The bird was still present on the pond at 8:00 pm at which time I left the area.

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