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2017 Lodgepole Complex Burn

Owner Mike Lesnik

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Checking out partial burn back-fire area for 3-toed tree evidence.


  1. Number observed: 1

    Comments: I have numerous observations of this species over several years in Arizona, a few in Carbon County, Montana - Bear Canyon known spot and two in a population that I discovered in Weatherman Draw.

    Bird was about the same size as a Red-breasted Nuthatch that was seen with it in this mixed flock. Small bird with thin bill, whitish-gray undersides, and grayish upper-parts. It was seldom still as it moved with a mixed flock. Had very obvious white sides on long tail, prominent white eye ring. Lack of blackish in front of eye and grayish vs. bluish back suggest it was an adult female or an immature bird of unknown sex.

    No other bird in Montana has this combination of grayish back, whitish-gray breast and belly, white eye rings, and long tail completely edged in white.

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