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Rancho Ventoso, Palmdale

Owner Kimball Garrett

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Time: 0710-1045. Clear, mostly calm, 58-85 deg F. Fairly casual observations around ranch yard and desert slope with scattered junipers and Joshua trees.


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    Comments: Observed for about a minute (0742-0743) as it foraged fairly high with Cliff Swallows, just west of the intersection of 47th St E and Mt. Emma Rd. An all-blackish swift that flew with rapid wingbeats about half the time, and short glides the other half of the time. Size hard to judge -- roughly the same size as the nearby Cliff Swallows, or perhaps very slightly larger (at least longer-winged). It is ironic that Chimney Swifts can be difficult to pick out among Vaux's Swifts, but that the instant I saw this bird it was clear that it was either a Black Swift or a Chimney Swift, with the bird bearing little resemblance to a Vaux's. [The fact it was July might have entered into my subconscious reasoning, but the bird really didn't look like a Vaux's at all.] And yet Vaux's and Black Swifts are utterly different in appearance and would never be confused. In any case, I was confident this was a Chimney Swift and not a Black Swift because of the more rapid wingbeats, shorter glides, more scythe-like wings (lacking the distinct angle at the wrist present in Cypseloides swifts), and stubby tail (slightly squared, but rather short and never fanned or showing any kind of notch or fork). A Black Swift would also have looked substantially larger than the Cliff Swallows.

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