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Checklist S46486102

Home (private yard), Hartford County, Connecticut, US ( Map )
Date and Effort
Mon Jun 11, 2018 7:45 PM
Party Size:
20 minute(s)
Brian Kulvete
1 species total

Heard some early evening calls, pretty close, in the back yard. I went looking around and found a red morph adult...probably one of the pair I had in my nest boxes in the yard. After about 5 minutes I saw more movement in the shadows, pretty low. I then saw a Juvenile gray colored owl. With my eyes on it with binoculars, I watched it fly to a 2nd gray juvenile sitting on a log, that was covered in more down fluff than the other. I still heard the pair of adults calling from the hillside as I had eyes on the youngsters.

I am unsure if they successfully nested in my yard boxes or elsewhere. I lost sight of one of the boxes, from the porch, when the leaves popped out. I did check inside that box, tonight, and there were several pellets and some down feathers. Perhaps I was watching the wrong box, even though I saw them in the closer box, daily. Or my thought is that the babies were in 1 box and the adults took turns roosting in the other one.


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