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Field Between Cottonwood Cove Park and Star Nursery

Owner Mike Schijf

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Dickcissel stake-out along Dixie Drive


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    Comments: Continuing. Found on 12/17 by Marie Mischel and since documented by several other birders.
    Bird was significantly larger than nearby savannah sparrows. Bulky and triangular bill, bold yellow on face below and above eye, grayish-brown crown, gray nape, white throat, yellow breast, bold streaks on back, rufous shoulder (see photos).
    Seen with a small flock of savannah sparrows. The bird was pretty cooperative for viewing/photography as it would land on the irrigation line or on an irrigation wheel in the field. It would often drop to the ground to forage or fly further out into the field and go out of view momentarily, but it kept coming back to a similar spot in the open.
    UBRC 2017-69:

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