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Checklist S41166368

Peterborough, Ontario, CA (44.225, -78.293), Peterborough County, Ontario, CA ( Map )
Date and Effort
Sun Dec 17, 2017 10:00 AM
Party Size:
2 minute(s)
Scott McKinlay
Submitted from eBird Android, version 1.7.01
1 species total

I saw this bird through my Kowa scope from considerable distance (1km?) as it was flying over an open field in full sunlight . It had broad wings and slow arching wing beats typial of large herons and cranes, and it was clearly brown in colour, even at that distance. I was reluctant to call it because of the distance and time of year, but nothing else fit. This was during our Peterborough Christmas bird count and when I reunited with the rest of the group for our sector, who had been surveying the area in the direction of my sighting, the first thing they said, before hearing about my sighting, was that they had seen what looked like a sandhill crane. They described it as being the size of a blue heron, with an outstretched neck and long trailing legs. All three birders were adamant that it was not a blue heron, and that it was lighter in colour than a blue heron. They had viewed it while it was flying low over fields just ahead and of and to the side of the car they were travelling in. They followed ut and then got out of the car to watch it in binoculars as it contuinued to fly in my generall direction. There are no photos.


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