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Owner Nancy Anderson

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Was watching birds in Middle Harbor and offshore north end of beach


  1. Number observed: 2
  2. Number observed: 32

    Comments: There were 34 swans in small open area of Middle Harbor which is mostly frozen. Two were Mute Swans. After awhile 32 took off and flew to west end of middle harbor making the shouting noises they make then about 12 flew to north-east past west harbor and circled around and flew east and in front of Kelley's Island. Then two more flew northeast out of sight. Then twelve more flew northeast past west harbor circled around and flew south along shore visible from north end of beach. As I left I could now see 16 along the west part of middle harbor in a small open area of ice. Was also able to see them from rte 269 across from the East Harbor Marina looking thru the grasses in the marsh.

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