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3091 Padaro Ln, Carpinteria US-CA (34.4151,-119.5729)

Owner Libby Patten

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With Adrian O'Loghlen, who arrived earlier (about 9 am). I came to find the Bay-breasted Warbler reported by others the previous day. Birded the oaks primarily on either side of the tall gate at 3111 Padaro Ln.

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    Comments: Had good views of this female warbler, foraging in the oaks on either side of the tall gate to 3111 Padaro Lane. Found yesterday by Eric Culbertson and seen by others since. This bird moved around more slowly than the other warblers. It's underside was unstreaked and fairly white, two bright white wing bars on gray/greenish wings, head and upper back somewhat greenish, underside of tail has white interior and black edges, reminiscent of a Yellow-rump. Lower mandible was pink with a black tip and had a peachy wash on the lower flanks. Beautiful warbler!

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