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Seawatching with TG during offshore approach from south of Hurricane Jose (with sustained winds of 75 mph; approx off MD/DE or 280 mi SSW of Nantucket, MA). Overcast, occasional rain, wind from NNE at 20-25 mph.

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  1. Number observed: 60

    Comments: Flock flew west to east over NL harbor

  2. Number observed: 4

    Comments: Bulky, chocolate brown Ducks foraging on large rock isle to west.

  3. Number observed: 30
  4. Number observed: 1

    Comments: About 3:30pm Tina Green and I saw with binoculars and scopes an adult (or near
    adult) FRANKLIN'S GULL in flight over the mouth of New London Harbor near the NL Ledge Lighthouse. In comparison to nearby Laughing Gulls, Tina saw that it was noticeably smaller. To both of us it also looked shorter winged and less pointy winged. The wings above were generally medium gray, then with a thin white band, and then black wingtips. I could not detect any white in the terminal ends of the flight feathers; this may be because there weren't any, or that that was not visible due to viewing distance on a flying bird. The underwings were definitely whiter/paler below, with much less black on primaries compared to that of Laughing Gull. The white head had a noticeable dark smudge on sides, larger than exhibited on adult Laughing Gulls at this season. I could not see any prominent eye arcs, due to distance to bird. We both studied the flying bird with our scopes for several minutes, as it flew generally north up the Thames River, last seeing it head west toward Ocean Beach Park or Harkness State Park. These field marks were noted during observation. Later this evening, consulting field guides confirmed our ID. No photos were obtained.

  5. Number observed: 65
  6. Number observed: 5
  7. Number observed: 2
  8. Number observed: 42
  9. Number observed: 3
  10. Number observed: 73

    Comments: Some feeding over land, but many flying out over Sound.