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Owner Chris Martone

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Exec park and Partridge Boardwalk.


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    Comments: Per audio - starting at 12 seconds. Two-part and three-part calls. The shape of the note at 34.5 seconds is a good match to online database sonograms. Heard; a few moments after these calls, I saw a fast scurry away through the vegetation at water level (typical for VIRA) while it gave out a very loud double note. Partridge Boardwalk.

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    Comments: Audio. Keeping this possibility on the radar for future visits. The audio may be catching a GBHE or something else, but the tightness of this call note and the shape of the sonogram leave the possibility for an AMBI that has settled into the area after dispersal. Partridge.

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    Comments: Possible - may be hearing one in the audio above. Partridge.

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