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Our Yard, 451 N Bisbee Ave, Willcox, AZ

Owner Max Jarrett

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Low temp 56 degrees.


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    Comments: When I first detected this bird I thought it was going to be a Warbling Vireo but I quickly suspected that it was an "eastern Vireo". I watched this bird appear and disappear for at least 20 minutes. After a couple minutes I called Lynn out to tell me what she was seeing as I was not having any success taking a photo. The upper part of the bird appeared warmer colored than a Warbling Vireo . The bill was small and short, there were no wingbars. There was noticeably much higher contrast between the face and the rest of the head than is seen on a Warbling Vireo. The white that surrounds the eye both above the eye and below stood out and the lower portion seemed as long as the upper and was entirely separated the full length. The throat and breast were a vibrant yellow all the way across. The throat and breast were well seen numerous times. Both Sibley and National Geographic would Describe this bird as "bright". When shown the picture of the Philadelphia Vireo Lynn indicated that She had seen the dark area that National Geographic identifies as "dark primary coverts". In discussing the bird as a possible Warbling Vireo she exclaimed but this bird is Yellow. She is not inclined to exaggerate as is this observer can be upon occasion. The bird remained very near the tops of the Mulberry and Juniper.