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RU-Buryatiya—Lake Baikal (aboard boat)

Owner Narca Moore-Craig

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I was co-leading a tour to Lake Baikal with Bob Nansen and Russian botanist Dr. Victor Kuzevanov for Betchart Expeditions / AAAS. Unfortunately, only 1 or 2 of the participants were birders, and I was under instructions not to focus too much on birds. Russian scientists from other disciplines joined us for periods of time. We spent a week on board the research vessel Baikal. Today we visited Sagan-Zuba, sit of petroglyphs, with pockets of larch forest, including one tree-lined dry watercourse. In the afternoon, we were at Babushka Bay.


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    Comments: the eastern form, vulpinus (Steppe Buzzard)

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