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Birch Creek Owl Pond CP - Restricted Access

Owner Taylor Sturm

Other participating eBirders
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  1. Number observed: 6

    Comments: *excellent count for Suffolk Co. Personal high count and likely high count for Long Island. This count represents a relatively short search for NSWO and given the expanse of habitat present, it is likely that a more dedicated effort would produce additional birds. Moderate playback used and, when used, birds very responsive. Vocalizations included typical wails, singing and bill snaps.
    At first location, 3 birds present. Singing, and wails heard simultaneously. Also, of note, NSWO seem to give consistent and unique wail calls per each bird.
    Bird 4 (approx 0.25-0.4 m away) gave bill snaps in response to whistled imitation to NSWO song and dive-bombed observers.
    Bird 5 was seen perched and also observed singing in flight with much self esteem.
    Bird 6 only heard distantly (opposite direction from birds 1-4) while Bird #5 being observed.
    Most vocalizations recorded.

  2. Number observed: 1
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