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The day I got Ruddy Kingfisher as a life bird.

Sun. 13 Oct. 2013 was one of those perfect birding days, in which good birds, good friends, good weather, and a good location all work together. Around 0900 at Nanhui Dongtan, a popular birding spot in southeastern Shanghai on the East China Sea, Daniel Pettersson and I saw a ruddy kingfisher (赤翡翠, chì fěicuì, Halcyon coromanda). The secretive bird flew silently across the parking lot, darting into the thick trees at about 30 km an hour. Jolted by the rare sighting, I peered into the gloomy thicket, but the kingfisher had disappeared. The encounter was fleeting, but there was no doubt that we'd seen a ruddy kingfisher.


  1. Number observed: 1

    Comments: An individual flew into the heavily vegetated Magic Parking Lot (30.882784, 121.972782). My partner Daniel Pettersson and I knew instantly what it was. The kingfisher features were obvious, and the color was unforgettable. There was no doubt. The species is a very scarce passage migrant in the Shanghai area. The Magic Parking Lot is the head of the cape at Cape Nanhui and often attracts rare migrants.

  2. Number observed: 2
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