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Ac. Nicola Capuci--km 1

Owner Daniel Lebbin

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stopped jeep along road at -23.32517, -046.06889 after seeing large raptor perched in tree on eastern side of road. Habitat was mostly open pasture with isolated tall trees. We walked 30-50 m back along the road from the parked car.


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    Comments: soaring far away

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    Comments: immature bird perched on dead tree near road. Later vocalized (plaintive whistle). After we turned back to car, the eagle took off due to an attack by a White-tailed Hawk which dive-bombed the eagle in the air. We watched both birds circle. Photographed by Dan and Bennett. Perched, the eagle had a dark (gray) back, white band in tail with dark terminal band, short tail with primaries extending beyond tail, pale head and underparts, with dark mask/line through eye. Crown feathers looked like they had dark centers, formed shaggy nape with slight crest poking out back; bill had dark tip and pale section near face; long legs. In flight, bird was huge, probably twice size of White-tailed Hawk and reminiscent of a condor, showed molt in primaries (?review photos). Critically Endangered. Although we did not expect to see it, there have been other sightings of this species in nearby Guararema. Also known as Crowned Solitary Eagle.

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