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Walked northeast for half a mile directly in order to see the swans close enough for identification. They about 2-3 miles from the boat launch. The water level was the highest I've seen in years, going above the boat ramp. A boat ent out as we were leaving, but it headed the opposite direction of the swans.


  1. Number observed: 4

    Comments: After failing to see the previously reported birds at Little Washoe Lake, we figured it would be worth checking here and saw a flock of swans about 2-3 miles away and heading the opposite direction. We hiked out to get a better view. Clearly larger, and the juveniles were darker. After we got back, we saw Jeff Beam's eBird report from the same location earlier in the day.

  2. Number observed: 24

    Comments: Exactly this many. We spent long enough scrutinizing them to tell

  3. Number observed: 4
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