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Kodiak Is.--City of Kodiak--Our yard 910 Steller Way and environs

Owner Richard MacIntosh

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looking at birds in my backyard.


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    Comments: WHY THIS IS A BLACK-HEADED GROSBEAK - The streaking is confined to the sides of the breast and flanks and is uniformly pencil-thin, exactly as described in several references (e.g.: Morlan, Birding 23:4; Pyle, 1997 Identification Guide to North American Birds). The underwing (presumably the coverts) has bright yellow in it, not pinkish or reddish. The upper mandible, while not uniformly dark, is perhaps dark enough for Black-headed. The "off white" to white supercilium and median crown stripe, while not typical of Black-headed, is within the limits of the species (Morlan, Birding 23:4).

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