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Owner stephen johnson

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just checking the Marriott lake, which was completely frozen over - no birds on the lake today


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    Comments: bird flew by, headed North. steady flight at 100+ feet altitude, pretty sure it did not take off from the lake here. long, fully outstretched neck; light gray wings with dark trailing edge; obviously not a Great Blue Heron from overall GISS; large bird, roughly GBH-sized. could barely make out darker "cap" where Sandhill Cranes' heads are red. No black-white head pattern like a GBH. eliminated Ibis spp. based on size. Not a Great Egret because not white, and had dark wing edges and dark cap. only other candidates would be other Crane spp. bird was to my East, observed at an elevation angle of maybe 30-40 degrees up from horizon. 12X Canon IS binoculars. Calm, overcast, 50 deg F.