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Checklist S33024767

Perry Butte Trail, Douglas County, Oregon, US ( Map )
Date and Effort
Sat Jun 22, 1985 9:30 PM 🌙 Nocturnal
Party Size:
1 hour(s)
Matthew Hunter , Steve Heinl List
w/Dave Fix and Steve Heinl. We went up to where Fix had heard FLOW a couple weeks earlier. The location is along the beginning of the Perry Butte Trail, in T26S R03E Sec 9. We arrived about 2130 and walked up the trail until it bent to the left, and sat on a log....
1 species total

At about 2150 we heard one male FLOW call back toward the car and I heard one other bird up the hill behind us. The one toward the car made about 4 b-boop calls; the one behind us made one boop note. We heard them both again about 2205, but they called only 2 or 3 times. We moved back toward the car and went up on the knoll between the trail and the road. We heard one again up behind us. We waited but heard nothing for a while. I called and one male responded with b-boops, b-b-boops, and b-b-boop-bp calls and came in close (horizontal distance) but was high up in the trees.


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