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    Comments: Orange chested Ammodramus sparrow, lacking the frontal striping of either sharp-tailed species but with very strong, dark streaking on flanks; gray auriculars. Individual stayed very low in thick cover for most of the few minutes, slowly creeping into view just above the surrounding vegetation where MC first put eyes on it; extremely easy to miss the subtle movement. After a couple minutes of viewing us from cover, the bird moved up into view for about 10-15 seconds then flew to our left and disappeared though only 10 feet or so away. Found initially this morning by Andrew Baldelli. I walked out with Karen Beatty and MC Miguez (who had viewed earlier in the day and knew the exact location) while Tracy, Dixie, Rexanne and Lisa were on their way back after a succesful refind. Photographed, see below. A further note on access, there is a large population of Eastern Cottonmouths found in this area of Virginia Beach, and anyone going after this bird would be very wise to wear tall, rubber boots since the ground isn't always visible given the thick, low-lying vegetation. Also, the park is only open to birding on Sundays through winter, with hunting occurring Mon-Sat according to their official website. Please check this site for access requirements:

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  5. blackbird sp.

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