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Checklist S32426984

Willard Bay SP, Box Elder County, Utah, US ( Map ) ( Hotspot )
Date and Effort
Mon Nov 07, 2016 1:30 PM
Party Size:
3 hour(s)
1.0 mile(s)
Kristin Purdy
4 species total

Chickadee called me to mature clump of trees with insistent dee-dee-dee notes. Juncos also mobbing. Small owl perched close to trunk and partially obscured by leaves. Drawn up long into camouflage posture. Generally gray and cryptic, strong, black coarse streaks. Small grayish bill with whitish tip. White, irregular streak down scapular.


Bird called me over yesterday with a chip note unlike nearby Song and White-crowned Sparrows, and finches. Responded to pishing, popped out of thick brush along a boggy rivulet twice, very briefly, not long enough for positive ID. Distinctly Melospiza, lacking cuteness and crisp breast streaks of Lincoln's, and lacking stickpin and coarse streaks of Song. Same scenario today with longer observation. Gray bill, rusty-brown cap, gray-brown supercilium. Strong face pattern with auriculars defined by dark eye line and moustachial stripe. Sub-moustachial stripe somewhat buffy, but not as buffy as Lincoln's. Whitish throat. Grayish upper breast with blurry, indistinct streaks. Weak buffiness on sides. Rusty brown wings and tail, wings lacking wing bars.


Crown and nape grayish. Drab olive upper parts and unmarked. Yellow below, including undertail coverts. Bill fine and narrow. Slight, pale supercilium. Slight dark eyeline. Slight white eye-arcs. Blurry and indistinct streaks on sides of breast and sides. Gleaning from foliage in Russian Olive, and eating an olive.


Gray above, paler gray below. White eye-arcs, two white wingbars, yellow rump. White throat. Coarse blurry streaks on sides. Patch of buff sides of breast. Tail spot pattern showed tips of outer retrices gray, inner retrices white. Feeding in Russian Olives.


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