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Owner Karen & Tom Beatty

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Lake Tecumseh from Loon Court in 70 degrees with heavy cloud cover and light mist, mild winds considering we are still in the remnants of TS Hermine
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    Comments: dark picture due to weather conditions

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    Comments: The most apparent thing about the bird was its long tail. The length of the tail was longer than any FOTEs tail we have ever seen including mid summer in breeding conditions and clearly stood out in the gray evening skies.. We are both very familiar with the usual terns in our area. The birds size was same as FOTE, black bill, and partial to mostly black on the forehead with silvery gray back (like FOTE). There were FOTEs in the area and they all displayed the typical black-eye facial markings that the ROST lacked as it showed a mostly black head with a small amount of white towards the bill beginning to show as previously mentioned. We did not note the primaries on the bird unfortunately as we were so taken with the birds tail. In flight it appeared delicate. Perhaps the tail makes the flight appear delicate by the way it hangs. The wing beats were quick compared to the BLTEs feeding near by. No pictures available as we first saw the bird while sitting in the car looking through an open window 25 yards from where the bird flew. When we realized what we were seeing, immediately jumped out of the car after grabbing our cameras and the ROST flew north to the other end of the lake and didn't return.

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    Comments: First time we have ever seen a BLSK flying over Lake Tecumseh

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