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74 degrees, on and off rain as bands moved across the region, 40-50 mph north/northwesterly winds associated with passage of Tropical Storm Hermine, which was heading northeasterly through the Outer Banks of North Carolina after crossing Florida from the gulf side inland. Viewing the channel from the north side of the maintenance building. Bob Anderson, Matt Anthony, Harry Armistead, Arun Bose, Andrew Elgin, Jan Frye, James Fox, Ron Furnish, Kim Harrell, Marie Mullins, Nick Newberry, Lisa Rose & Jason Strickland were all present at some point while I was there.
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Submitted from eBird Android, version 1.3-beta6


  1. Number observed: 25
  2. Number observed: 6
  3. shorebird sp.

    Number observed: 6
  4. Number observed: 45
  5. Number observed: 1
  6. Number observed: 35
  7. Number observed: 14

    Comments: All dark top, white below not extending beyond elbow. Most distantly viewed crossing channel. Most were adults but several juveniles also observed. All 14 were traveling westward into the bay through the channel. Life bird.

  8. Number observed: 12
  9. Number observed: 8
  10. Number observed: 1

    Comments: Observed flying low to the water, heading westward into the bay through the channel. Quitr distant but managed one diagnostic photograph showing legs trailing slightly beyond tail feathers. Life bird.

  11. Number observed: 2

    Comments: Dynamic flight, dark on back of wings, white below. Both moving east through channel towards the ocean. At least 6 others viewed before I arrived. Unfortunately too distant and too quick to get on with my camera, Ron Furnish got a nice identifying shot of one of them, see: Black-capped Petrel photo by Ron Furnish. Life bird.

  12. Number observed: 1
  13. Number observed: 8
  14. Black-crowned/Yellow-crowned Night-Heron

    Number observed: 1

    Comments: Backlit flyover

  15. Number observed: 1
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