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    Comments: The Whistling-Duck was seen on the east side of the Dubay Properties building at 4360 Shore Drive. Someone sets out feed, which attracts Mallards and Wood Ducks. The owner of the property is a super nice guy who invited us in to his office, where we were able to get excellent views from his conference room. He seems very birder friendly and has been keeping a list of all the species he has seen on the property for the last 15 years or so. When at this location, the Duck could be seen from two other different locations without flushing the bird. You could stand at the Shore Drive edge of the parking lot and look along the side of the building with binoculars, or you could walk a short distance along the west side of building until you come to a short walkway that cuts between the two buildings. The bird can be viewed from the platform between the two buildings. I get the impression that, as long as no one behaves obnoxiously (which is doubtful, given our polite group of local birders), the owner will likely remain receptive to birders visiting.

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