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Checklist S30230017

Liberty SP, Hudson County, New Jersey, US ( Map ) ( Hotspot )
Date and Effort
Tue Jun 14, 2016 2:18 PM
Party Size:
32 minute(s)
3.25 mile(s)
Michael Britt
1 species total

Continuing rarity relocated by Larry Scacchetti. The bird flew N-S across the gated service road, W of the Interpretive Center. It perched out of view in a lone deciduous tree, next to a lone conifer (Sysco side of the road). The bird was perched for a short while, before it took off and headed east towards the IC, where it may have perched in a deciduous tree at the NW corner of the center or continued on? We didn't have the right angle to make that determination and failed to see it again. The head, body, underwing, and tail were all black; the exception being the undertail tip, which was white. I could not see the white patch on the greater coverts from my vantage point. The bird was slightly smaller than EATO, BOBO, & BHCO and considerably smaller than RWBB. An EATO would have shown rufous sides/flanks, a white belly, a longer/wider tail, and extensive white on the outer tail feathers. The habitat at the point of the sighting was wrong for BOBO and a male would've shown a yellow nape and a good deal of white on the upperparts. The bird was close enough that the brown head of a male BHCO would've been readily observed. Male RWBB is longer-billed and notably bulkier, heavier, and compact. The GISS of the bird was quite different than the superficially similar resident species, which I have observed countless times. The flight was slightly fluttery; the head looked disproportionately large versus the more balanced look of the aforementioned species (with the exception of EATO); and it had a large, conical bill (like BHCO).


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