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Checklist S3005967

Bosque del Apache NWR, Socorro County, New Mexico, US ( Map ) ( Hotspot )
Date and Effort
Fri Jun 01, 2007
Party Size:
Carl Lundblad
Red-necked Phalarope: SLightly smaller than Wilson''s with shorter, thin bill. Black mask, white throat, red neck, gray breast and back with pale streaks.

Laughing Gull: Medium small gull, maybe 2/3 the size of nearby ring-billed. Long bill with a slight droop, mostly black but with a slight reddish tinge in good light. Slender w/ fairly round head, long wings which reach tail tip when folded. Fairly dark gray mantle with dingy brownish tertials and secondaries. Solid black primaries w/ no white. White neck and underside. Incomplete streaky black hood, extending in front of eye and down to nape, whitish on chin and forehead, more black than comparably plumaged Franklin''s. Thin, incomplete eyering. Black legs. Tail tipped in black.

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